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  • What is the difference between home staging and decorating?
    Home staging is about making a home appealing to the widest range of buyers possible while decorating focuses on one person’s personal taste. In home staging, everything is kept neutral so that buyers can imagine their own décor in its place rather than getting distracted by someone else’s style.
  • How long do you book out?
    We will always try to accommodate your timeline, but below is a reference for our typical lead times. Contact us for our most up to date availability. Vacant stages: 1-3 weeks Consultations: 2-7 days
  • How long is the staging rental for?
    The initial stage is for 30 days which includes design, install, delivery, rental and de-stage. We offer per day and monthly extensions after the first 30 days. Our extensions are billed at 50% of the initial invoice total monthly. Per day rates are based on 30 days. Eg. $3,000 stage, $1,500 extension monthly or $50/day.
  • What areas do you service?
    We service the front range from Boulder to Colorado Springs but are happy to travel further for an extra travel fee. Our warehouse is located in Castle Rock, CO.
  • Do you sell your inventory?
    Sometimes! It depends on the piece. Please inquire with us if you love something for more details on availability and pricing.
  • How long will you be at my home for the stage?
    Stage day installs can range in timing. We require full day access to the home for stage day with no photography, cleaners or contractors present.
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